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Personal Injury Compensation Calculator

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How much compensation can you receive for a personal injury claim?

Find out you much compensation you could get for your injury claim by using the table below. Every case is different and will vary according to your specific circumstances.


Head & face injury compensation?


Head Injuries
Minor injuries, if any brain damage it will be minimal up to £9,000
Less severe brain damage, good recovery up to £31,000
Major Brain damage up to £290,000

Minor injuries, some pain, minor interference up to £6,000
Minor injuries but permanent impairment of vision up to £15,000
Complete loss of sight in one eye up to £40,000

Occasional tinnitus or slight hearing loss up to £9,500
Moderate hearing loss/tinnitus up to £22,000
Severe hearing loss/tinnitus up to £34,000

Loss/serious damage to back teeth up to £1300 per tooth
Loss/serious damage to several front teeth up to £8,000

Neck and shoulder injury compensation?


Neck Injuries
Whiplash injury, full recovery by 2 years up to £6,000
Permanent nuisance symptoms up to £10,000
Severe injury with impaired function/limitation/ permanent symptoms up to £29,000

Shoulder Injuries
Minor soft tissue, good recovery by 2 years up to £5,500
Persisting symptoms but not permanent after 2 years /frozen shoulder up to £9,500
Dislocation, neck and shoulder pain with permanent symptoms up to £14,000
Fracture of the clavicle with permanent symptoms up to £8,000

Back injury compensation?


Back injuries
Strains, sprains, good recovery up to £6,000
Severe back injuries up to £21,000

Arm, wrist or hand injury compensation?


Arm Injuries
Minor injuries, good recovery up to £3,000
Uncomplicated fracture, good recovery up to £14,000
Uncomplicated fracture, significant disability but some recovery expected up to £29,000
Serious fracture with a permanent disability up to £45,000

Elbow Injuries
Minor injuries up to £4,500
Severe injuries, impaired function up to £24,000

Wrist Injuries
Uncomplicated fracture up to £3600
Fracture or soft tissue injury with complete recovery up to £7,800
Severe injuries with a significant permanent disability up to £29,500

Hand Injuries
Minor thumb injuries up to £3,000
Fracture of finger up to £3,600
Serious injury to ring or middle finger up to £12,000
Fracture, crush injuries, lacerations with permanent impairment of grip up to £10,000
Loss of fingers resulting in deformity, impaired grip and function, up to £27,000

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome / Vibration White Finger
Occasional symptoms with modest effect up to £6,500
Serious interference with activities up to £24,000

Hip, knee, angle and foot injury compensation?


Hip Injuries
Minor injuries, good recovery up to £5800
Significant injuries with incomplete recovery and permanent disability up to £29,000

Leg Injuries
Simple fracture, good recovery up to £10,000
Severe fracture with incomplete recovery up to £21,000

Knee Injuries
Lacerations, twistings, soft tissue injuries, good recovery up to £4,600
Continued pain, discomfort up to £10,000

Ankle Injuries
Strains, sprains, good recovery up to £4,000
Fractures, ligament damage, moderate disability up to £10,400

Foot Injuries
Straight forward injuries with near-complete recovery up to £5,300
Fractures, ruptures to ligaments, soft tissue injuries with permanent symptoms up to £10,000

Scarring injury compensation?


Facial significant scarring to a female up to £22,000
Facial significant scarring to a Male up to £13,000
Scarring to other parts of the body consisting of a single noticeable scar, or several superficial scars up to £5,500

Mental and psychological injury compensation?


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Full recovery up to £6,000
Largely recovered with some continuing symptoms up to £17,000
Severe symptoms, with a permanent effect on functioning up to £50,000


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