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 Work experience

Work experience

Gaining work experience at a law firm can help you decide your future career, different ways to get to where you want to go, and which qualifications you might want to think about now.


Work experience at Harper Macleod

If you are thinking about a legal career, or a career in areas such as information technology, human resources or marketing, it’s important to gain some work experience.

Work experience gives you exposure to what life in a law firm is like, as well as opportunities to network with people at different stages of their careers. It can also help with your CVs and personal statements if you are applying for university, college, training or work after you leave school.

Harper Macleod runs a work experience programme for S5 and S6 school pupils, three times a year in February, June and November. The next programme runs from Tuesday 6th February to Thursday 8th February from 10am to 2.30pm.

Our three-day virtual programme allows pupils from all over Scotland to come together and explore what a career in law might look like.

We delve into what working in the legal profession is Scotland is like on a day-to-day basis with colleagues from across the business talking about what they do and how they got there.

Pupils will take part in sessions with qualified solicitors, exploring various areas of law, debates and negotiations, wills and executries and employment tribunals.

The firm’s trainees will also offer their insights on their journey from school to university to the workplace.

Pupils will learn about all the other roles in a law firm that support solicitors doing their daily roles such as IT, HR and marketing.

Key contacts

What previous pupils have said:

“I feel more confident in applying to university now as I have an idea of which areas I am interested in and what I can expect after the course.”

“I learned how to network. Just showing up and having discussions with random people gave me more confidence in myself that I can make connections anywhere I go.”

“I liked the fact you got to see many different types of lawyers. It made me interested in aspects of law I had never considered before.”

“Everyone was very nice, everything was incredible and talking to the other participants was also enjoyable. The tasks were all unique and fun and it made me want to study law more than I initially wanted to.”

“I didn’t know that after becoming a solicitor there were further qualifications you could get and that taught me how in law you never stop learning. That part of it really excited me to get started.”

“Working with people I’ve never met before was a good experience and definitely something I can take into the future.”

“I absolutely loved everything and it essentially confirmed my desire to study law, thank you!!”


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If you are a school pupil, teacher or careers professional in a secondary school in Scotland, contact us for more information.

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