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Information and guidance to help visitors when using this site

We have made every effort to make this site accessible and easy to use for everyone, whether or not you have any disabilities.

Browsers we support

The following browsers are supported.

On Windows:

  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Microsoft IE 8 +.
  • Google Chrome.

On Mac OS X:

  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Safari.
  • Google Chrome.

Mobile – iOS iPhone 4 and above / iOS 7.0 and above. iPad second generation and above / iOS 7.0 and above.

Mobile – Android Device diversification means it’s impossible to test on all devices but we will test on a selection of recent android phones and tablets running kitkat and above.

Note – where no browser version is stated it is assumed we will support latest and two versions back.

Navigating this site without using a mouse

We have decided not to use access keys on this site. On all pages, you can move between links using the ‘Tab’ key on the keyboard. To tab through the links in the opposite direction, key ‘Shift+Tab’. Once a link is active, key ‘Enter’ to follow the link.

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts which allow users to navigate around a website without using a mouse or other pointing device.

  • Access keys can override keyboard shortcuts for screen readers and other assistive technology.
  • There is no convention on access keys, so the few sites that use them do so in whichever way they choose. Users are unlikely to spend time getting used to a particular set of access keys.

For these reasons, we do not use access keys.

Text size

You can increase the size of the text on the Harper Macleod website by using tools built into your browser.

  • Internet Explorer users: select the ‘view’ option at the top of the page, choose ‘text size’ and pick either larger or largest.
  • Firefox users: select the ‘view’ option at the top of the page, choose ‘text size’ (in Firefox version 3 and above choose ‘Zoom’) and use the ‘increase’ function until the text is a satisfactory size.
  • Chrome users: select the ‘view’ option at the top of the page and then select zoom in or zoom out until the text is a satisfactory size.

You can change the text size in other browsers in similar ways.


Some additional content on our website is available as a PDF or in Microsoft Word document format:


All images on our site have alternative text that clearly describes them.


We use YouTube to host our videos. However, we are unable to control the accessibility of YouTube video player functionality. All videos on our website are embedded from our YouTube channel, unless otherwise stated.

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