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 Sports injury claims solicitors

Sports injury claims solicitors

We are sports injury experts and have one of the largest personal injury departments in Scotland with over 25 personal injury specialists.


Sports injury compensation claims

Those who take part in competitive sport owe a duty of care to all other players to ensure that they take such care as is reasonable to avoid injury to other teammates or opponents. Both players in the sporting activity and spectators are entitled to make a claim.  For example, if you are injured due to the behaviour or actions of others during sport you may be due compensation.

Also if you’ve suffered an injury due to the sports facilities you may have a claim against the operator. For example, if your injury was caused due to hazards on the park or badly maintained facilities.

Our specialist personal injury lawyers will intimate the details of your sports injury claim as quickly as possible after the accident. The details of the accident and injury will be sent to the insurance company who represents the party or organisation at fault.

We will ingather details of your losses, any documents that we need to prove your case and will contact witnesses as soon as possible.


Common questions about sports injury claims
How long do I have to claim after a sports injury accident?


The time limit for settling a case is usually three years after the accident. However, in terms of the compulsory Scottish pre-action protocol, your claim should be intimated as soon as possible.

If a child is involved in a sports injury accident the timescale will be three years for raising a court action following their 16th birthday.

How much does a sports injury claim cost?


For clients who do not have the benefit of Legal Expense Insurance (“LEI”) we deal with claims on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning you pay nothing if your case is unsuccessful. Even if you have LEI there is no requirement for you to accept the solicitors chosen by your insurers. You have the right to “freedom of choice”  if you feel they do not have the expertise for your claim or even the right location.

A No Win No Fee agreement is also known as a confidential fee agreement which is an agreement you make with us so that you can make your personal injury claim without having to put up any legal fees upfront. So if your claim is unsuccessful the agreement states you will not have to pay any fees, helping to relieve any stress or worry throughout the claim process.

In addition to our No Win No Fee service we can access support, medical care, and help for you and your family due to the relationships we have with support groups in Scotland and have offices throughout Scotland – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Thurso, Elgin, and Lerwick. We will fight for justice and fairness, we will do the hard work for you and are committed to making a positive difference.

What can be included in my sports injury claim?


We can claim compensation for any injury you suffer including for the foreseeable consequences of the injury where a professional’s career may be affected. You may also be able to claim for general out of pocket expenses, loss of earnings, care and assistance required and various other expenses.

When can I make a compensation claim?


  • If the accident was in the last three years
  • If someone else was at fault
  • If you have suffered injury and/or been off work as a result of the accident
  • If you are out of pocket for miscellaneous expenses such as your policy excess, children’s car seats and hire costs.

“Staff are really friendly and down to earth. They break everything down perfectly so you understand everything that is going on. Communication was amazing and I would just like to thank Laura Gallagher who did all of the above and much more making it as easy and effortless as possible for myself. Highly recommended”

– HM client

“I would just like to thank Marina Harper and Harper Macleod for all your work since my accident. It’s been a long process thanks to covid but I appreciate all your efforts in getting my claim through. Just want to reiterate that this hasn’t been a process prior I had any knowledge in, so thank you for taking the time to respond to my emails and questions I have asked to understand the process.”

– HM client

“Richard Steell’s hard work and dedication on my case has removed the stress from my accident aftermath and resulted in a fair result.”

– HM client

“Routinely represents household insurance companies and individual consumers in claims related to fatal and catastrophic road traffic accidents, employer’s liability accidents and public liability injuries, as well as disease work.”

– The Legal 500 2022

“Heather Calderwood handles catastrophic injury and fatal claims following RTAs and workplace accidents. She also advises on employers’ liability and occupational disease matters.” Clients comment “She is absolutely excellent and does a great job for her clients. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her.”

– Chambers UK 2022



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