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 Medical negligence compensation claims

Medical negligence compensation claims

If you’ve been let down by a medical professional we’ll fight your corner and seek compensation on your behalf.


Medical negligence solicitors in Scotland

Mistakes happen in the medical profession with serious consequences.  Claims can arise following errors by all types of medical professionals, including GP’s, surgeons, hospital staff, paramedics, and consultants.  If you or a loved one has suffered injury or illness as a result of medical negligence you may be entitled to recover compensation.

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We aim to always put your mind at rest and fight on your behalf to maximise the compensation recovered.  If you believe you have been the victim of medical negligence contact our team below to discuss whether we can assist you.


Common questions about medical negligence

When can I make a claim?


As soon as you realise something has gone wrong or suspect substandard medical treatment. The sooner the better as investigations will be required. The claim normally must be brought within 3 years of the negligent act or advice although a claim can still be considered if you only became aware of the problem at a later date.

How will I receive compensation?


Come to us and we will investigate the claim using independent experts who will offer unbiased opinions about the treatment provided.  After the claim is intimated to the medical practitioner it will become clear whether negligence is admitted. If it is a good claim it must then be valued by assessing the loss suffered as a result of the negligence.

How do I make a complaint to the NHS?


If you have not done so already, you can by visiting the NHS inform website where you will find details on how to raise a complaint in your area. Once you have the filed your complaint to the NHS please save an electronic version of your complaint and upload it to us using the form below which will help us to speed up the process of your claim.


“I personally want to say thank you for all your work and for your sensitivity, empathy and understanding of our situation… you have made an extremely difficult journey more bearable for both of us.”

– HM client

“Amy Dickson is hard working, intelligent, and has common sense approach to cases and always goes the extra mile.” “Amy Dickson is an efficient and effective litigator – with a ready grasp of complex factual matrices. Proactive and sound in her judgement.

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“Heather Calderwood has to be one of the hardest working agents I have come across. She has excellent judgement and a strong ethical sense, which works to her client’s advantage.” “Heather Calderwood goes above and beyond in terms of client care and her extensive knowledge and experience means she is someone who you want to have in your corner!” “Heather Calderwood is committed and determined to get the best result possible. Great to work with – equally at ease with clients, experts and opponents.”

– The Legal 500 2023

The team “Deals primarily with actions arising from wrongful life and stillborn births, foetal abnormalities, catastrophic injuries to children, A&E failures, misdiagnoses and failure to diagnose, as well as general surgery claims.”

– The Legal 500 2022



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