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Our Personal Injury team helps motorcyclist recover and receive seven-figure settlement after serious road accident

Our Serious Injury team has recovered a substantial seven-figure sum for a client who suffered devastating injuries in a road traffic accident.

The case highlighted the need for specialist personal injury solicitors to ensure your full needs are met, regardless of whether the other person in the accident accepts liability for what happened. Complex injuries require complex care and often, lengthy liability investigations can lead to delays in treatment, recovery and financial difficulty for the innocent party.


The facts of the case

Our client was a motorcyclist heading home from work. As he drove along a long, straight stretch of road a campervan suddenly pulled out of a junction on his left giving our client no time to stop. He hit the campervan, head-on. He was thrown up into the air and landed heavily on the road.

The driver of the campervan was convicted of road traffic offences whilst our client suffered several life-changing injuries, including fractures to his spine, right leg, ribs, sternum, a collapsed lung, joint disruption to his left shoulder, a head injury with some retrograde amnesia and dental injuries. He was taken by air ambulance to hospital where he required emergency surgery involving the insertion of a tibial nail in his leg and a chest drain.

Following his discharge from hospital, our client's condition deteriorated. The wound to his leg broke down and infection developed. Four months later, he required further surgery to remove the metalwork from his leg and he underwent the application of an Ilizarov frame. This is an external apparatus fixed to the leg to join the bones in an attempt to avoid amputation.

Over the ensuing 12 months, our client required three more operations involving the application of new frames, skin grafts and bone lengthening and with each procedure came the risk of the bones failing to join and his leg being amputated.

By 18 months post-accident, our client continued to be in tremendous pain with massive restrictions on his mobility. He required bilateral elbow crutches, a wheelchair and a mobility scooter to get around. Unsurprisingly, he developed psychological symptoms including depression, anxiety, insomnia, nightmares and flashbacks for which he required counselling.

Due to the complexity of his injuries, it was too early at this stage for any of the medical experts involved to provide a prognosis on either the extent of our client's recovery nor the timescales. He remained unable to return to work nor any form of employment and his income reduced massively. 

Liability and recovery – helping to make essential arrangements

Despite the criminal convictions against the defender, he did not admit liability for the accident. We were however, able to secure interim settlement awards on behalf of our client which allowed us to arrange for essential adaptations to his home including the installation of a stairlift, renovations to his bathroom, additional living aids and equipment to assist with his mobility, daily functioning and leisure activities.

We arranged for him to see independent medical experts in respect of his injuries and ongoing symptoms. This enabled us to arrange the treatment recommended to assist in his recovery close to his home and as quickly as possible. We also ensured payments were in place to replace his lost income and ensure he and his family remained financially supported during this upsetting time.


When the final prognosis for our client's recovery became clear, we were successful in recovering a substantial seven-figure sum in settlement of all parts of his claim which included the injuries he suffered and the associated losses including loss of income, the impact on his pension, the assistance he required and the impact on his employability. In addition, we arrange for and administered a personal injury trust to ensure his entitlement to benefits was protected.

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Instructing specialist personal injury solicitors such as those in our team is the only way to ensure your full needs are met, especially while legal action is ongoing. Being supported when you need it and getting the medical care you require is vital with complex injuries.

If you require advice in relation to a claim, please get in touch with a member of our team.

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