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 Family law solicitors

Family law solicitors

Our specialist family law solicitors based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, the Highlands and Shetland can help provide legal advice in all areas of family law.


Expert Family Lawyers in Scotland

Our specialist family law solicitors based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, the Highlands and Shetland provide legal advice in all areas of family law. We will help you through a difficult time with sensitivity and objectivity.

We are recognised in the UK’s leading independent legal directories, Chambers UK Guide to the Legal Profession and The Legal 500, where our team is recognised as having “Recommended Lawyers” and “Leaders in the Field“.

Family issues such as Divorce and separation can have a huge impact on both yours and your family’s lives and you will understandably want to know the financial and practical consequences of any decisions you are considering making.

When working with our family lawyers, many people are surprised to hear there are more options available than they originally thought. The options available range from litigation and arbitration to negotiation, mediation and collaboration. We will discuss matters with you and decide upon the appropriate way of solving your problems.

Whether it is about the welfare of your children and the status of the matrimonial home, the impact on a business that’s jointly or individually owned, or your financial situation, we will help you through a difficult time and allow you to progress with your life.


Harper Macleod’s Family practice has been recognised in the Times Best Law Firms 2024 guide with rankings based on lawyers being commended by their peers in other firms.



Our services

Divorce & separation

We specialise in all types of divorce, dissolution and separation.

Ending a marriage or a civil partnership often creates a stressful period, impacting not only you and your spouse but also your children. Multiple issues need to be addressed and resolved before the divorce process can be finalised, but our family law team aims to simplify the process.

Our family law team deals with a broad range of family disputes often resulting in divorce, dissolution, or separation. Throughout the years we have acquired a wealth of experience dealing with a broad range of family law cases, which allows us to provide legal help tailored to your unique circumstances. This may incorporate issues related to financial settlements, real estate, and child residence and contact.

We will have a confidential and empathetic conversation about your situation, before identifying the most effective strategies for you. Our aim is to make your experience as simple and straightforward as possible.

Divorce & separation service page

Cohabitation agreements

Legally recognise your rights as an unmarried couple.

If you’re in a long-term, committed relationship and have decided to share a home together without the legal bounds of marriage or civil partnership, it could be beneficial to consider a cohabitation agreement to formally establish your rights.

The Advantages of Cohabitation Agreements

Choosing to draft a cohabitation agreement with your partner can offer numerous advantages for both parties. The main objective of this contract is to plan for the unfortunate case of separation or the death of a spouse. A cohabitation agreement can be as straightforward or as intricate as you deem necessary, addressing concerns such as household expenses or the ownership of specific assets in case of separation. Beyond providing legal protection, cohabitation agreements can also give you a sense of security.

Our specialist family lawyers are spread throughout Scotland with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness & Highlands and Shetland. If you would like to discuss your family issues please contact one of our family solicitors for advice.

Cohabitation agreement service page

Child law services

Advice on issues such as child residence, contact, relocation and maintenance.

If you’re struggling to reach a consensus with your former partner about child arrangements, it would be wise to consult with an experienced family solicitor.

Tensions often escalate between parents post-separation when dealing with various issues, one of which is child support. If not handled properly, it can negatively impact future negotiations regarding contact and other financial agreements that need resolution.

Seeking advice from a family law firm early can minimise uncertainty for both parents. The fallout of a relationship between parents often puts children in an unsettling and transformational situation. Our family law experts strive to ensure that your divorce and separation process is as seamless as possible, to prevent any adverse impacts on your children’s wellbeing and happiness.

Our family law team consists of certified experts in Child Law who have the know-how to manage all legal matters involving children, such as:

  • divorce and separation;
  • child arrangements (parental rights and duties);
  • residence and contact;
  • relocation and abduction of children; and
  • financial assistance and sustenance for children;

Our comprehensive range of family law services ensures that we can help you, no matter what situation you find yourself in. For expert advice on child law services, call our offices or submit a form to arrange the initial conversation.

Child law services page

Domestic abuse

Legal options to help protect victims of domestic abuse.

For those enduring domestic abuse, a range of legal strategies can provide protection for themselves and their children from continued danger. If you’re navigating such challenging circumstances, our skilled family law team is ready to assist you in achieving the best possible outcome.

Our family solicitors will review potential solutions with you, maintaining total confidentiality while discussing your legal rights, to help determine the most effective course of action tailored to your unique situation.

To discover more about our services related to domestic abuse law across Scotland, feel free to contact our offices or use our online form for an introductory conversation or to schedule a callback.

Domestic abuse service page

Family mediation

Mediation offers a safe and neutral forum for couples to discuss issues.

In the unfortunate circumstance of a relationship breakdown, alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation, collaboration, or arbitration can often be a more suitable pathway.

Our expert family law team specialises in advising families on these conflict resolution options, especially where children are involved. Equipped with family solicitors accredited by the Law Society and members of CALM Scotland, we can confidently guide you through this challenging transition.

Our team does not only comprise trained mediators but also experienced family lawyers. This combination allows us to enhance the mediation process with the pertinent legal framework and rules, assisting couples in finding a progressive solution.

To learn more about our professional mediation and collaboration services in Scotland, feel free to reach out to our offices or complete our online form for an initial discussion or to arrange a callback.

Family mediation service page


Legal guidance on the adoption process in Scotland.

Adoption is a profound legal process that establishes a new parent-child bond by transferring parental rights and responsibilities to the adopter, thus supplanting the pre-existing legal relationship between the child and their birth parents. This procedure can seem intricate and intimidating for prospective adopters, but with proficient legal advice, it doesn’t have to be.

Our expert adoption lawyers and our specialised family solicitors have substantial experience in aiding step-parents, kinship carers, and other family members in formalising their private adoptions or securing alternative orders such as those for residence or parental rights and responsibilities. Recognising that each adoption scenario is unique, our team adopts a pragmatic approach, placing your needs at the heart of our actions to facilitate a smooth and stress-free experience.

For more information about adoption, relevant legal fees and general advice, please contact your local office or submit a form for a call-back.

Adoption service page

Surrogacy & assisted conception

Legal advice for creating families in Scotland.

For all those contemplating the journey of starting a family, our family team delivers a comprehensive and empathetic service. The pathways of adoption, surrogacy, and assisted conception come with their fair share of misconceptions and legal complexities, leaving many prospective parents in a state of uncertainty about the best option for them.

We understand the potential issues and challenges that come with navigating legal processes and we strive to collaborate with you, recognising your objectives and offering pragmatic advice within a supportive framework.

If you would like to learn more about the legal aspects of surrogacy and assisted conception, please contact one of our family lawyers who will explain the process during an initial consultation.

Reach out to one of our family solicitors for a private discussion about any facet of family building.

Surrogacy & assisted conception service page

Pre-nuptial & post-nuptial agreements

Help protect your assets in the event of a separation.

As you contemplate marriage or a civil partnership, it’s crucial to consider prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. These legal documents are vital for estate planning and offer protection for both parties, analogous to crafting a will. These agreements provide certainty and security, ensuring your wishes are honoured and assets divided as per the agreement’s terms.

A prenuptial agreement is established before marriage, and a postnuptial agreement, while serving the same function, is entered after marriage. These strategic measures can offer considerable savings in the unfortunate event of a separation or divorce.

Our team of experienced solicitors, serving across Scotland with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, and Highlands and Shetland, specialises in handling these agreements. We aim to assist you in effectively planning for the future, ensuring your peace of mind and financial stability. Please reach out to our accredited family law specialists for further details on our services or to request a callback.

Pre-nuptial & post-nuptial agreement service page

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“Communication across the team is excellent.”

– Chambers UK 2024

“The team is connected. Whoever you speak with knows your situation and seems to understand your specific needs. My experience throughout a difficult period in my life has been one of empathy, compassion, understanding and support.”

– The Legal 500 2024

“This is a strong and innovative family law team. They have been proactive in exploring developments in family law, for example through their “Modern Families” initiative.”

– The Legal 500 2024

“Alexis Harper has been “my” lawyer since day one. She’s listened, she’s guided and she’s been unendingly supportive and honest. She’s clearly not out to make money but to get me the best outcome, and my confidence in her grows with every conversation. The difference between Alexis and other lawyers I’ve worked with has been her approach to difficult conversations. There’s no judgement. She assesses and advises. Steers without ever taking control away from me. She has empowered and supported me from the outset and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

– The Legal 500 2024

Amanda Masson “is very well organised and insightful.”

– Chambers UK 2024

Jenny Smith “is thoughtful, cerebral and hard-working.”

– Chambers UK 2024

‘Amanda Masson is the head of the family law team. She has great experience across multiple practice areas, including financial provision on divorce, adoption, permanence orders and relocation. She is very well organised, diligent and insightful. Jenny Smith is considered, thoughtful and hard-working. She is a clear thinker with a keen appreciation of what her clients want to achieve. She is very detailed in her work. Alexis Harper has very strong technical knowledge of the law and of court procedure. She is extremely robust in her client’s interest. She is well organised and focussed and has an empathetic manner.’

– The Legal 500 2024

‘Jenny Smith works in a collaborative way to avoid adversarial correspondence. Alexis Harper is highly diligent and effective as is Jane Blackwood. Amanda Masson is robust in pursuing her client’s interests.’

– The Legal 500 2024



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