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The Brief magazine is your guide to personal legal services at Harper Macleod. The magazine aims to keep you in touch with current legal issues that are important and can affect you and your families.


Welcome to the latest issue of The Brief

Welcome to the latest issue of The Brief, our dedicated magazine for individuals and families, where we take a look at the unexpected turns life can take, and the legal advice you might need when it does.

While we can all plan for most eventualities, sometimes life throws up something we can’t handle alone. When that happens, it’s important to know that experienced advice is at hand, whether that’s to manage the estate of a loved one who has passed away without a Will, if you are faced with redundancy, or families fall out.

We’ve also looked at what happens when a relationship breaks down and one of the people involved needs to look at their immigration status. This is an increasingly common issue as the world becomes smaller and people travel more frequently for work or life experiences.

On the property front, we’ve examined the issues around joint ownership of a home for unmarried couples, as well as how best to prepare yourself for buying or selling a home.

Managing life’s big events is rarely straightforward or best done alone. We’re here to help.

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In this issue we look at what happens when families and individuals fall out. That may be with an employer or employee, a neighbour or with close family members.

We’re telling the story of characters Derek and Joy Harkness, our fictional couple and their family who fall upon some rather unfortunate times. Our authors hope to guide the family through their troubles to find not just the legal solution but the most pragmatic and practical outcome for all.

While we would hope that no one family would have to endure all of these problems at once, these issues do arise for our clients. When they do, we provide expert support to find the best outcome.

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