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Family mediation solicitors

We can offer you the full range of family mediation services, helping to minimise costs and ease the transition of a breakdown in your relationship.


Alternative dispute resolution for families

If you find yourself in the unfortunate event of a breakdown in your relationship, sometimes mediation, collaboration or arbitration can be a more appropriate course to take.

Our family lawyers are experienced in advising families on these alternative methods of dispute resolution, particularly where children are involved. We have Law Society accredited family mediators, who are also members of CALM Scotland.

As well as trained mediators, we are experienced family law lawyers who can, therefore, inform the mediation process with the legal framework and rules when we are assisting mediating couples to find a way forward. We can offer fixed fee mediation packages, which can be divided between parties, and which can be tailored to the needs and concerns of the families involved.

We would be happy to discuss any referral for mediation from solicitors or indeed, directly from individuals who consider that mediation would be helpful in their circumstances.

Accredited specialists

Members of our family law team are accredited by the Law Society of Scotland.


Common questions about family mediation
What is family mediation?


Mediation is a process by which parties who are in dispute try to reach an agreement and/or reach an improved level of understanding of the other party’s views in respect of issues or problems, with the help of a trained, impartial, mediator.

In a family law setting, this involves the parties working with each other and the mediator, during a series of meetings. The process is entirely voluntary. It is also confidential.

Typically, ‘family mediation‘ (i.e mediation in the context of separation and divorce), will focus on resolving financial and property disputes as well as issues concerning children. However, one of the key principles of mediation is flexibility – the process can focus on whatever issues or concerns that are important to those involved.

What are the benefits of family mediation?


The significant benefit to using mediation is that it allows for constructive dialogue. It provides a ‘safe space’ in a neutral setting for parties to directly engage in the issues which matter to them.

Quite often, there can be a considerable amount of cross-over between the parties in terms of what matters to them, particularly around children. This can easily be lost or forgotten about using more traditional (and, arguably, confrontational) methods of dispute resolution.


“I was resistant at first to sharing feelings with Karen and her colleague Amanda but by the end of the sessions I felt a weight lifted and was very satisfied with the financial outcome. Thanks.”

– HM client

“Everything was handled with great empathy and care which made a stressful situation easier all round.”

– Ronald Hutchison, HM client



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