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Property dispute solicitors

Our property dispute lawyers are experienced in dealing with a range of property disputes such as breach of missive claims, disputes with factors and tenancy disputes.


Legal advice on property disputes in Scotland

We act for clients in a wide range of property related disputes. We often act in disputes involving liability for repairs including under the Tenements (Scotland) Act. This includes advising on when property is regarded as being common or private. We can advise on disputes with property factors. We can also help with tenancy disputes including disputes involving Private Residential Tenancies and assured tenancies.

We offer expertise in dealing with claims for payment of rent and evictions. We can also advise on tenancy deposit disputes and complaints against letting agents. We are often consulted on cases where there has been a breach of missives such as where a purchaser has failed to proceed with a transaction.


Common questions about Property disputes

How do I settle a property dispute?


Disputes may usually be resolved in the First-tier Tribunal (Housing & Property) Chamber. Other claims may require to be resolved in the courts. We can provide expert advice and representation in either venue.

We will also offer you advice on alternative methods of resolution including mediation and arbitration in order to ensure that the dispute is resolved in the way which is best for you.

What is a property dispute?


Property disputes cover a wide range of issues. Typical disputes are between landlords and tenants regarding payment of rent, compliance with tenancy deposit regulations or evictions.

We can assist property owners in relation to disputes with property factors. We advise on disputes arising out of title deeds and in particular disputes concerning maintenance and repair under the Tenements (Scotland) Act.

We deal with breach of missive claims such as where a buyer failed to proceed with a purchase or where the sold property has defects or is not as described.

We also offer our services in relation to boundary and neighbour disputes, including issues like overhanging trees. More information about these is located on a separate page of the website.

What does a property dispute lawyer do?


Our day to day practice involves appearing in the First-tier Tribunal (Housing and Property Chamber) and in the courts. We are engaged in advising clients directly in their property issues as well as advising and working closely with our non-contentious property team.

We have a team of property dispute lawyers who are very experienced in dealing with tenancy and ownership disputes as well as disputes arising out of Deeds of Conditions and disputes with property factors, letting agents and other property professionals.


“I am very grateful for your professional skills, thoughtful communication and especially for your patience and personal kindness.”

– HM client

“A very strong team with dedicated specialists in property litigation.”

– The Legal 500 2024

“They are a well-resourced firm with impressive litigation experience.”

– The Legal 500 2024



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