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 Neighbour dispute solicitors

Neighbour dispute solicitors

Our lawyers can help resolve a wide range of neighbour disputes including noisy neighbours, boundary disputes, intimidating or anti-social behaviours, property damage and statutory nuisance.


Legal advice on neighbour disputes in Scotland

There are few things in life as challenging as a neighbour dispute. Our homes are our ‘safe space’. It is where we spend most of our non-working day, and increasingly where some of us spend most of our working day as well.

Neighbour disputes can arise over many things. Boundary disputes, overhanging trees and bushes, noise and anti-social behaviour, and loud music are just some examples of how negative relations with your neighbours can lead to an intolerable home life.

Our team of lawyers across Scotland, with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Highlands, Moray and Shetland, are able to discuss all available options with you: from seeking amicable settlement through mediation, to reporting matters to the relevant local council authority departments and ultimately pursuing court action to abate behaviour.


Common questions about neighbour disputes

What are the most common neighbour disputes?


Neighbour disputes take many forms. Most commonly, we see disputes arising over the precise location of a property boundary on the ground, and associated issues regarding access for maintenance purposes.

Unfortunately, we are also regularly instructed in cases involving harassment, usually where a less serious dispute has been allowed to fester and get out of control.

What should I do if I have a dispute with my neighbour?


Do not ignore it and hope it goes away. This is likely to result in an otherwise minor issue festering and becoming a bigger problem.

It could also result in a court finding that you waived your right to take issue with whatever your neighbour has done because you did not deal with it quickly enough. Take legal advice quickly to understand your options.

Can I take legal action against my neighbour?


This will depend on the circumstances of the dispute. There will likely be a number of options available to you, not all of which will require legal action by you against your neighbour. To better understand your options, contact one of our specialist solicitors.

What are effective ways to resolve neighbour disputes?


Effective ways to resolve neighbour disputes in Scotland typically involve a combination of communication, mediation, and, if necessary, legal intervention. Here are key strategies:

  1. Open communication: Start by talking directly to your neighbour about the issue. Whether it’s a boundary dispute, noise complaint, or concerns about building work, clear and calm communication can often resolve misunderstandings before they escalate.
  2. Mediation: If direct talks don’t solve the dispute, consider mediation. This involves an impartial third party helping you and your neighbour reach an agreement. Mediation is less formal than court and can be a cost-effective way to settle disputes without escalating to legal action.
  3. Seek legal advice: If the dispute involves complex issues like property boundaries, planning permission, or anti-social behaviour, it would be prudent to seek legal advice. A solicitor specialising in neighbour disputes can advise on your legal position and the best course of action.
  4. Contact Local Council or Tenants’ Association: For issues like planning permission breaches or anti-social behaviour, your local council or tenants’ association can provide guidance and support. They can investigate complaints and take action if necessary.
  5. Use legal procedures: If the dispute can’t be resolved through the above methods, legal action may be the last resort. This can involve going to court, where a judge will make a decision based on the evidence presented.
  6. Consider Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Before resorting to court, other forms of ADR like arbitration can be considered. This is often quicker and can be less adversarial than court proceedings.

In all instances, it’s important to keep records of all communications and attempts to resolve the dispute, as this evidence can be crucial if legal action is necessary. Remember, resolving neighbour disputes often requires patience, understanding, and sometimes the involvement of external parties to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

At what point does a neighbour dispute become a legal matter?


A neighbour dispute in Scotland escalates to a legal matter when efforts to resolve it amicably fail, particularly in cases of boundary disputes or persistent noise that breach council regulations. Legal intervention may also be necessary for instances of threats or property damage.


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