Bill is a debt and asset recovery consultant, working within Harper Macleod’s highly-rated debt and asset recovery team.

Bill is seen as one of the leading practitioners in the field of debt and asset recovery in Scotland.

He combines a deep understanding of the law with commercial awareness and delivery, and works hand-in-hand with clients to design and deliver effective working processes to maximise recovery. His application of technology and use of management information tools means he is able to provide clients with real-time reporting and evaluation. By taking this approach, he ensures the routes taken to recover debt and assets are as effective as possible.

His areas of speciality cover all debtor/creditor positions across the public and private sectors, including B2B/B2C commercial debt, consumer credit, debt, asset finance, invoice finance and commercial property

Bill is also an accomplished trainer, bringing together his legal knowledge and extensive hands-on experience, providing clients with practical and anticipatory debt recovery measures before reaching legal proceedings. He is also experienced in delivering internal credit management reviews for clients across a wide range of sectors.

Bill’s outlook is that this approach to debt and asset recovery is one where investment can be easily measured against returns, ensuring that we provide quality, effective advice for value.


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