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Immigration lawyers

Our immigration lawyers can help you and your family navigate UK visa and immigration laws to work, study, visit or live in the UK.


UK visa and immigration advice

Our specialist immigration lawyers understand the complexities and fast paced nature of immigration law. Their depth of knowledge means we can offer the right advice and solutions based on your individual circumstances.

Our immigration team are experienced in the broad spectrum of UK immigration law and nationality applications meaning they are uniquely placed to see you and your family through from that initial visa application to permanent residency and citizenship.

Our work focuses on understanding the needs of the individual who is looking to enter or stay in the UK to work and live. Our team of specialist lawyers provides dedicated advice, guiding you through the intricate Home Office processes to find strategic solutions to your immigration problems.

We also provide immigration advice to investors and entrepreneurs who see the UK as a good place to set up or expand their business. Together with our other areas of expertise, including employment, data, governance, corporate and commercial, we can provide a holistic approach to your immigration matters.

With offices across Scotland in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Thurso, Elgin & Shetland our UK immigration solicitors will be happy to help with your immigration issues. Immigration is UK-wide and we can help you wherever you are based – in Scotland, elsewhere in the UK, or internationally.

Harper Macleod immigration lawyers

If you are looking for helpful advice to help you navigate the complexities of the UK visa process, our expert immigration solicitors are here to provide practical assistance. From business immigration needs to support for individuals, families and migrant workers, we have the experience and in-depth knowledge to guide you through any immigration route. Contact one of our offices or submit a form to request a callback for an initial consultation.


Our services

Migrating to the UK with your family


Migrating to the UK with your family can be a stressful and complicated process. Our immigration specialists can help you and your dependants navigate the complex requirements and UK visa application process. Our in-depth knowledge of the immigration rules and visa application procedures means you will be fully supported and informed throughout the process.

We assist with the full array of family based visa applications, including:

  • Partner applications
  • Separated families
  • EU Settlement Scheme applications
  • Adult dependant visas (relatives)
  • Children visa applications
  • Parents of UK based children (including British and non-British children)
  • Ramifications of family breakdowns
  • Intercountry adoptions and surrogacy

For more information, please visit our What is Immigration Law page.

Working in the UK


Employers are increasingly looking overseas to secure talent. We can assist both employers and individuals successfully navigate the immigration rules and eligibility criteria to find the best solution for their business/personal needs.

Our UK immigration solicitors have depth of knowledge across the full spectrum of work based visa routes, including:

  • Skilled worker visa applications
  • International sportsperson
  • Business visitor visas
  • Global talent
  • UK ancestry
  • Temporary Worker
  • Hong Kong British National (Overseas)
  • Applications by dependants

Studying in the UK


The UK remains one of the top destination countries for overseas students and our immigration lawyers can assist students and their sponsors ensure they have the correct immigration permissions in place to undertake their chosen course of study.

We also assist institutions to ensure compliance with their duties as licenced sponsors. We can assist with :

  • Student visa applications
  • Child student applications (for 4 to 17 years old wishing to study at an independent school in the UK)
  • Sponsor licence applications and licence maintenance by institutions
  • Advice to students on switching immigration category and routes to settlement

Visas to visit the UK


Visit visas are an important part of UK migration; they offer individuals and families the chance to stay connected, to marry, receive private medical treatment and get married in the UK. Visit visas also allow organisations and business persons the flexibility to come to the UK for short periods to carry out certain activities without the need for sponsorship.

Not all nationals require a UK visit visa to enter the UK for short periods but those that do will note that obtaining a visit visa can often be one of the most difficult visa application processes to successfully navigate.

With higher than average refusal rates when compared to other visa routes, it is important to carefully prepare a visit visa application as refusals can have long term impacts on a person’s ability to visit the UK. Once a visa has been issued, it is important to understand the strict rules on the activities a visitor can carry out in the UK.

Our UK immigration solicitors have extensive experience of handling complex visit visa applications and challenging negative decisions by way of judicial review. We are therefore well placed to provide professional legal advice for all types of visit visa applications and advise on the corresponding activities that are permitted upon arrival in the UK.

Complex and human rights based cases


Everyone’s individual circumstances are different and they do not always fit neatly within the available UK immigration rules. Our expert team are highly experienced in identifying cases where viable discretionary applications may be made outside of the immigration rules, relying on the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR), case law and guidance to successfully argue the case.

Our immigration lawyers understand the sensitivity of such cases, often involving overwhelming compassionate circumstances and we are ready to advise on such matters in an empathetic way.

We regularly assist with:

  • Discretionary outside the rules applications
  • Article 8 ECHR family life visa applications
  • Article 3 ECHR cases (including health cases)
  • Applications from long term overstayers
  • Asylum claims
  • Appeals and judicial review challenges against negative decisions in the above types of cases
  • Advising local authorities in relation to the UK immigration position of children in their care

Permanent residence/ indefinite leave to remain in the UK


Securing indefinite leave to remain (ILR) is often a major achievement for foreign nationals living in the UK. It is an essential step for those wishing to settle permanently in the UK and it marks the end of having time restrictions placed on their length of residence in the UK. It is also a necessary process for those individuals wishing to become British citizens.

ILR (often referred to as settlement or settled status) can be achieved in many ways, with many immigration routes offering a path to settlement in the UK after a period of five years’ residence in the UK. There are immigration routes which provide a shorter trajectory, and also those that allow applicants to rely on their long residence in the UK to achieve this key milestone.

We assist with all varieties of settlement applications, including:

  • Family visas
  • EU Settlement Scheme applications
  • Work based applications (skilled worker/Tier 2)
  • Investor, entrepreneur, innovate and start up visa applications
  • Global talent
  • Long residence (10 years)
  • UK ancestry
  • Discretionary applications



Our UK immigration lawyers understand that immigration cases do not always go to plan. In the event that applications are refused or rejected, our immigration lawyers can guide you through the court process.

Our lawyers have extensive litigation experience and have acted for clients at all court levels from the First Tier Tribunal to the Supreme Court and Court of Justice of the EU.

We can assist with:

  • Administrative reviews against Home Office decisions
  • Appeals to the Immigration Tribunals and Appellate Courts
  • Judicial review challenges to substantive decisions and delayed decision-making

Applying for British citizenship


British citizenship is often the final stage of the migration journey in the UK. It is an optional application for those choosing to make the UK their main home. Most adults will become British citizens through the process of naturalisation, with children registering to become British.

Our immigration solicitors can assist with all manner of nationality applications, from the more common naturalisation application to complex registration and passport applications based on entitlement to British citizenship. Our expertise extends to historic entitlement to British citizenship either by descent and/or birth in a former UK colony.

We are also experienced in representing clients in reconsideration applications upon refusal of applications, deprivation of citizenship and judicial review challenges to both the Home Office and Her Majesty’s Passport Office.


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