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Natalie is an Accredited Specialist in Debt and Asset Recovery, advising both public and private sector clients and is involved in the case management of actions for recovery in simple procedure claims, ordinary cause actions and summary applications. She has experience in dealing with high profile cases which often attract media interest.

She has expertise in the case management of defended actions, which requires particular knowledge of the civil procedure and practice of court actions in Scotland. Natalie also has experience in dealing with commercial actions together with mediation and case management conferences.

She has particular expertise with regards to recovery of possession actions, both with regards to outstanding rental arrears and Anti-social Behaviour cases for a number of registered social landlords.

Natalie provides advice and assistance with regards to regulatory issues in relation to the application of legislative developments for Registered Social Landlords and Public Bodies.

She also has a wide range of experience in the enforcement procedures available to creditors on the award of a court decree or by way of summary diligence.

Natalie also offers her clients Added Value Services in the form of redrafting policy guidelines and providing in-house training. The training can vary from court procedure, witness training and debt recovery collection techniques.

She has also recently assisted the Lord Presidents Legal Secretary in the redrafting of a key piece of legislation.

The Legal 500 lists Natalie as a “Recommended Lawyer” in Debt recovery.


"I cannot recommend Natalie highly enough and am immensely grateful for her invaluable assistance throughout this challenging time. She is a credit to your firm, and I will not hesitate to seek her services again in the future or recommend her to others in need of legal representation. Thank you once again for assigning Natalie to my case and for maintaining such a high standard of service within your firm."

- HM Client

"Thanks to Natalie's expertise and unwavering dedication, what could have been an overwhelmingly unpleasant experience was made as smooth and manageable as possible. Her professionalism, integrity, and genuine concern for her clients' well-being set her apart as an outstanding lawyer."

- HM Client

"Natalie's responsiveness and diligence were exemplary. She went above and beyond to address any concerns promptly and accurately, leaving no stone unturned in her efforts to provide me with the best possible outcome."

- HM Client

"One of the most commendable aspects of Natalie's service was her commitment to ensuring that I fully comprehended the implications and consequences of every decision and arrangement made. Her ability to communicate complex legal concepts in a clear and concise manner was truly impressive, and it enabled me to make informed choices with confidence."

- HM Client

"Natalie's professionalism, dedication, and expertise truly made a significant difference in navigating through this difficult period. From the outset, Natalie demonstrated a remarkable level of understanding and empathy towards my situation. She not only assisted me with legal matters but also provided much-needed support and reassurance, which alleviated much of the stress associated with the circumstances."

- HM Client

"Andrew Hunter (Partner), Natalie Dissake (Partner), Keri Preece (Associate) – all with good knowledge of all relevant legislation and advise with a commercial head in mind."

- Legal 500 2024


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