Greener Actions

Litigating in a changing climate

Greener Actions is an ESG project aimed at reducing the environmental impact when resolving disputes in Scotland, within a framework of responsible Environmental, Social and Governance criteria. 

This initiative will provide a forum for court users across the country to come together to identify areas in which we can use technology, innovation and legislation to reduce the carbon footprint of dispute resolution, and to form an action plan through which that change will be implemented.

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Why Greener Actions?

Scotland has been at the centre of global attention on climate change ever since COP26 was first scheduled to take place in the city. The global climate summit was finally scheduled for November 2021.

Greener Actions aims to facilitate co-ordinated action by the Scottish legal profession and other court users targeted at achieving what are likely to be the ambitious emissions targets arising from COP26, while ensuring that the profession’s social responsibilities and governance standards are maintained.

We want all courts and court users in Scotland to join forces to that end, and bring permanent positive change to the practice of dispute resolution.


The ESG principles underpinning Greener Actions


Join Greener Actions

Greener Actions is inviting all court users, including fellow law firms, and stakeholders involved in litigation in Scotland to join the Greener Actions Focus Group to create an action plan for greener litigation in the country’s courts.

This action plan will form the basis of a commitment made by all members of Greener Actions.

If you would like to be part of Greener Actions and help shape the future of litigation in Scotland, we would welcome your involvement.

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