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Important updates

Data Protection and Freedom of Information Legal Update

June 2024

Register of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land – Implications for Unincorporated Associations

September 2023

Golfers v the PGA European Tour: Participation in LIV – out of bounds

June 2023

Exploring IR35 and tax status in sport

June 2023

Brand protection in sport: knowing when to take action, and when not to

April 2023

Employee burnout: causes, costs and cures

March 2023

Can a slogan be registered as a trade mark?

March 2023

Luxury brands take significant steps forward in anti-counterfeiting

March 2023

Is the UK edging closer to a four-day working week?

February 2023

Employees going through the menopause – what should SGBs be mindful of?

February 2023

Do you know your NFTs?

January 2023

Competition law & sport

January 2023

Court of Justice of the European Union delivers significant opinions for sporting competitions


Alcohol advertising and promotion

January 2023

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on proposed changes to the advertising and promotion of alcohol. The proposals include the end or significant restriction of alcohol promotion in both traditional print and online media, TV and radio advertising and sports sponsorship. As well as affecting media revenue streams, this could have a significant impact on sports teams at all levels that rely on sponsorship income. Retailers could be also forced to renovate their shop premises to re-merchandise alcohol in specific areas. As a result, licensing authorities could face a large volume of applications to change licence layout plans.

The consultation runs until March, meaning the earliest a Bill might appear is the autumn session of the Scottish Parliament. Although this might mean that there is not direct impact until late 2023 or early 2024, businesses and organisations that may be affected may consider it wise to contribute to the consultation to ensure their views are properly heard.

Contact our head of licensing Andrew Hunter for more information.


Subject access requests – FAQs

What an SGB can do if an employee is absent without notice?

Update September 2022

Priority visa processing reintroduced

Update September 2022

Focus on Equality & Discrimination

Update September 2022

Does your sports club hold any property “in trust”?

Update August 2022

Being Fraud Aware

Update January 2022

Several sports clubs and organisations, as with many businesses, have recently been the target of a convincing scamming campaign. Club treasurers received emails from what appeared to be their individual club presidents, asking for a payment to be sent to specific bank details.

Most who received the email followed this up by checking with the president or another official, before making any payment, which alerted them to the fact that it was a scam. However, it was particularly convincing and unfortunately a couple of clubs were caught out.

This is a serious issue affecting businesses and organisations across a variety of sectors. Scamming campaigns are becoming increasingly common and more difficult to spot.

Police Scotland has posted helpful advice that should be circulated around your business and highlights key points to consider and what to look out for to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Additionally, it is very important to follow your bank’s specific guidance on how best to avoid being scammed. This is crucial because, if in the unfortunate case you are caught out and lose money, if you have followed all bank promoted guidance it is more likely that the bank will provide a reimbursement and the losses are recovered.

This is an issue that is rapidly changing and becoming more and more prevalent. It is very important that all organisations are live to the most recent types of scams and the most up to date guidance for how best to spot and avoid.

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