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WIFI terms & conditions

Terms of use

Thank you for requesting access to the Harper Macleod LLP network. Set out below are the terms relating to use of our network.

This is an open network and is provided for your convenience.

You use it at your own risk. We make no guarantees in respect of the security of this network, including the privacy of your data and communications while using this service, or the lack of risk from unauthorised third party access, viruses or other malware. If you become aware of any issue affecting the security or proper operation of our network, or its use by you or other users, you must inform us immediately, via email at [email protected], by contacting our reception desk, or by telephone on 0141 221 8888. You are advised to carry out your own checks and take appropriate precautions in respect of the security of your information and communications, including your protection against viruses and other malware.

We, or our providers, may collect, store, and disclose information concerning your use of this service, including the materials you transmit and access, and the persons you contact, through this network, (i) to allow us, and our providers, to manage this system, (ii) to meet legal obligations, (iii) where we, or our providers, identify or suspect misuse of this service or a breach of applicable laws, and/or (iv) to protect the rights, property or safety of ourselves or others. You grant us permission to access and monitor the devices you use to access this network, to ensure compliance with these terms, and for any reasonable purpose connected with these terms. Where we request access you must provide us with such access. We may operate applications designed to monitor your use of this service.

We used a cloud-based product called Cisco Meraki to manage access to our network. It is supplied to us, and managed by, a company called Provista UK. We have a contract with Provista UK which imposes strict requirements on them to keep your personal data confidential and secure, and to use it solely for the purposes of providing you with access to our network.

The information we collect includes: your name, email address, MAC address and IP address.

If you wish to be provided with a copy of the personal data we hold concerning you, please email us at [email protected], by contacting our reception desk, or by telephone on 0141 221 8888. If you wish us to cease processing your personal data please contact us using these means. Please note that we may in any case retain certain personal data for such period as we are legally obliged to retain such data, or as is required by us to allow us to properly address the purposes for which we had gathered that data, as set out above.

We do not guarantee that any data or information transmitted or accessed through this service will be retained. You should retain such copies of the information or material you transmit or access through this service as you require or deem prudent.

Use of this network is permitted only (i) for purposes of conducting your business with Harper Macleod LLP, or (ii) as an employee or member of Harper Macleod LLP in accordance with our policies and procedures. No other use of this network is permitted.

In particular, and without limitation to the foregoing, you must not use this network (i) to incite or participate in acts of terrorism, fraud, harassment, abuse, discrimination by reason of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion, bribery, tax evasion, or those which may constitute the offence of slavery, or (ii) to incite or participate in acts which breach or are likely to breach the rights of other persons, or applicable laws (including laws relating to sanctions), or (iii) to access any material which may be illegal, immoral or distasteful, whether in this country, or any other country of which you are a resident or with which you are associated, including any pornography, or content which is considered extreme in any manner, or (iv) to access or distribute any viruses or other malware, or to gain unauthorised access to any system. Our judgement as to the content which falls within the foregoing exclusions shall be final. We may block access to certain content, by type, location or otherwise, as we determine from time to time

This network is provided principally to allow you to access small amounts of data and information. You must not use this network to access data of significant size. In particular, and without limitation to the foregoing, you must not use this network to share music or video files, to access any torrent, or to stream excessive amounts of material. You must not use this network to access file sharing facilities without our prior permission (which may be given subject to such conditions as we determine from time to time). Our IT department may require to access your device to allow you to use such facilities.

We do not guarantee that this network will be available, or will be available at any particular speed or bandwidth. We do not guarantee that this network will work with any particular device, operating system or software. We may block certain applications from working upon this network from time to time. We may revoke your permission to use our network at any time, for any reason.

If you cause us (or our providers) loss or damage, you shall be liable to us (or them) for the full amount of that loss or damage suffered, whether you cause such loss or damage by deliberate act, omission, carelessness or recklessness. You shall reimburse us (or them) on demand for the full amount of such loss or damage, whether that loss or damage is a direct or indirect result of your act, omission or carelessness. We (and our providers) shall not be liable to you in any way in respect of this network, except where we deliberately and intentionally cause loss or damage to you, in breach of these terms of use, and then only to the value of such loss or damage which results directly from our deliberate act.

Harper Macleod LLP is limited liability partnership regulated by the Law Society of Scotland, whose registered number is S0300331 and whose registered office is at The Cadoro, 45 Gordon Street, Glasgow G1 3PE. The applicable regulations of the Law Society of Scotland can be accessed here: A list of members of Harper Macleod LLP is available here:

We may revise these terms from time to time. Please check the terms each time you use our network to ensure the version you are aware of is the current version. The current version will govern your use each time you use our network.

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