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Working in Hot Weather – An Employer’s Duties



This week, the UK has been basking in some rare sunshine with temperatures hitting 40c in some areas of England and Wales. Whilst the population enjoys the warm sunshine and polishes off their BBQs, what does the soaring temperatures mean for you, as an employer?

During hot weather, employers owe a number of duties to their employees to ensure that they are comfortable and not at risk whilst at work.

ACAS has published a number of tips for employers that can be used during the hot weather to minimise any risks associated with the soaring temperatures. Those tips include the following:-

  • Provide suitable drinking water in the workplace
  • Ensure temperatures in all workplace buildings are reasonable
  • Switch on any fans or air conditioners to keep the workplace comfortable
  • Use blinds or curtains to block out sunlight
  • Employees, who work outdoors, should be allowed to wear appropriate clothing although an employer is not under an obligation to relax their uniform or dress code.
  • Vulnerable employees should be given more frequent rest breaks
  • For those employees observing Ramadan, employers may assist by holding meetings in the morning or considering a temporary change in working hours.


For further information, employers can also refer to the HSE guidance on temperatures in the workplace at

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