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Head over handlebars for cycling



Today (3 August 2023) marks the start of the UCI Cycling World Championships in Glasgow. More than 8,000 cyclists will take part in 13 different events across the city and beyond.

According to the latest Department for Transport figures, the number of people cycling remains 11.1% more than pre-pandemic levels, and has risen by 23.7% since 2013. There are more cyclists on the road than ever before, which has led to an increase in Government funding for the creation of cycle lanes and low emission zones in some city centres, including Glasgow.

Cyclists are classed as vulnerable road users. Changes were made to the Highway Code last year to provide additional protections to cyclists. Some of these changes related to:

  • Positioning in the road when cycling
  • Overtaking when driving or cycling
  • Priority being given to cyclists on roundabouts
  • Priority being given to cyclists when going straight ahead at junctions

Many road safety groups campaigned for liability to automatically attach to drivers if they were involved in an accident with a cyclist, but this was not incorporated into the new Highway Code.

Despite the changes that were made, every year more than 100 cyclists are killed on UK roads. Even more are injured. Due to the vulnerability of cyclists on the roads, these injuries are often catastrophic and life-changing.

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