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Hello from the other side! Our Entrepreneurial specialists share their experience of lockdown



The other side in this case is makeshift home offices rather than the Ca’d’oro Building, where the Entrepreneurial team, which specialises in advising growth businesses and SMEs, is used to being based in the city centre of Glasgow! We miss all of our clients’ friendly faces and getting the opportunity to attend different events and networking with new people. It is the part of our job that we all agree we love.

We thought we would give you a reminder of our friendly faces and some things we are enjoying about lockdown, and some things not so much … seeing as you are probably starting to forget what we look like! We promise we didn’t discuss our answers, but it appears we are all more alike than we realised! Remember, it’s always good to chat and we would love to hear from you.

The team, clockwise from top left: Paula, Jo, Gail, Natalie, Gemma and Alison

Paula Skinner

I enjoy getting to go for a run in the morning after checking my emails, to clear my head to set me up for the day and for work/life balance in general. I have always known that we have a strong bond as a team and I have enjoyed seeing that grow and it has shown that we’re always ready to help one another.

I’m constantly on the phone rather than being able to quickly chat to colleagues, which can be time consuming Things can often be misinterpreted or misunderstood too through email and text. I miss seeing our clients and getting to meet new clients. Perhaps we don’t speak as a team as much about “real” problems which naturally come out through the course of the day when we are all sitting together in the office.

Jo Nisbet

Having my own office dog, Archie, is definitely a perk of home working. I love our Friday team drinks and our team games, albeit not all my unique ideas are accepted by the team! I haven’t heard “sorry your train is cancelled” for six weeks which has been great.

I miss being able to build relationships with clients through face-to-face contact and the general office banter/fun. I’ll never take for granted again the efficiencies of time that come with the office i.e. a printer & scanner. Also, a basic thing can require three calls rather than one quick chat in the office.

Gail Chalmers

I love the work/life balance being able to easily sit outside/get air at lunch or on quick coffee break away from screen. Our new Friday drinks are also great to catch up. I feel I have more personal communication with clients due to the current situation, as everyone is finding it tough.

I miss the team and seeing their faces every day. I also miss Natalie getting songs/sayings really wrong on a weekly basis! I never thought I would miss a printer, two screens and my keyboard so much.

Natalie Wallace

I love the work/life balance of working from home including being able to exercise over lunchtime. Also, seeing Jo more on our Friday team drinks (also something I love doing) & daily catch ups is great as she is usually in Edinburgh. I have gained a lot of confidence in myself working from home and have used my own initiative more as it is not as easy to ask senior colleagues simple questions.

I miss random office chats with colleagues not in our immediate team. I also miss our team fitness whiteboard that keeps us all on track!

Gemma Sichi

Our daily team chats make things feel slightly more normal. As I do not have to travel to work it means I get a slightly longer lie in the morning! I enjoy going a run over lunchtime and having creative lunches, avocado and halloumi being the front runners just now!

I miss the chat from the office and seeing clients face to face. I’m missing my coffee fix as no Starbucks is near and/or open (or maybe this is a positive as I am saving a fortune not buying over-priced coffee?)

Alison Crawford

I love our Friday evening team drinks that we have started to do and not having to get a bus in every morning. We have definitely bonded a lot and confirmed our “best team” status that we pride ourselves on!

I miss having two screens to work from and a printer! Also just sitting with the team and having spur of the moment chat is something I miss.

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