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Energy Bulletin - Statement of Intent on Biodiversity Strategy post-2020

Plans to protect at least 30% of Scotland’s land for nature by 2030 – and to examine options to extend this further – have been announced by the Scottish Environment Secretary.

The new ‘Statement of Intent on Biodiversity’ sets out the Scottish government’s priorities for tackling biodiversity loss as part of a twin-crises approach to ending our contribution to climate change and ecological decline.


This high level statement recognises delays in the international negotiations to deliver a new global biodiversity framework and provides some direction in response. The document builds on Scotland's active leadership role in the international negotiations and announces that Scotland will join leaders around the world in sending a united signal to step up global ambition for biodiversity, by endorsing the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature, launched at the United Nations General Assembly in September. 14

Currently, 37% of Scotland’s marine environment receives protection with 22.7% of terrestrial land protected for nature. The statement commits to increasing protection on land to 30% by 2030 and examining options to extend this even further.

You can access the statement here


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