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Tidy home, tidy mind

Studies show that a cluttered home can make you more anxious and lower your mood. As well as having a negative effect on your wellbeing, the lack of space can also make you feel like you've outgrown you home. So before you make any rash decisions, we think you need a clear out.

Starting any home organising task can feel a bit overwhelming but luckily for you we've been binge watching our favourite home organising shows on Netflix and we're going to share some tips we've learned from the experts to turn your home into your sanctuary.

Here's some genius organising hacks we learned from Marie Kondo

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Pick a catergory.

  • Tidy by category and not by room as items are likely scattered throughout the house. Tackle a section (or two) each day until you've gone through everything you own.  This this will help you realise what you have, any duplicates you've accumulated and what items you need to replace.

Does it spark joy?

  • Remove every item that does not spark joy! The idea is to be surrounded by items that make you happy. If you hold an item and it doesn't spark joy, you should release it and say thank you.  Obviously keep the things that are essential – no one gets much joy from a pot or the bin.

Stick together.

  • Store items with similar uses and sizes together – Keep small items with other small items so nothing gets lost.

Daily items.

  • Store by frequency of use – every day pots, glasses and plates should be in a place easy to reach – the juicer you bought in January and haven't used since should be at the back.

Fold Em.

  • Fold your clothing into thick rectangles leaving a little space at the end and roll, with the front facing upwards then stack back to back. You'll fit more into each drawer and easy to find.

Still think you've outgrown your home?

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