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Government to consider reform of policy on cash retentions under construction contracts

The results of a Scottish Government consultation earlier this year indicate majority support for reform of cash retentions under construction contracts. Cash retentions have been used in the construction industry for decades as security against defects in the work but it is a payment practice that is vulnerable to both insolvency and abuse.

Indeed, the majority of respondents to the consultation had experienced late or non-payment of retention monies, some waiting more than a year for the retention to be released.


Deposit scheme proposal

The survey found that most respondents are in favour of some sort of retention deposit scheme, and/or holding retentions in trust to eliminate the main problems associated with retentions and still provide surety against defects. There was no clear consensus as to what type of reform would be most effective, nor whether there should be a minimum threshold before retentions should be deposited/held in trust.

The Scottish Government will now form a short-life working group to consider the emerging policy options, including the possibility of a retention deposit scheme, the phasing out of retentions completely or the viability of alternative mechanisms of assurance.

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