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At last we can finally stop hiding our humanness

Article provided by Gayle Mann, Co-Founder at Misadventures In Entrepreneuring.

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When Lucy-Rose and I began Misadventures in Entrepreneuring it was born out of a real craving to be connected with other entrepreneurs that thought the same way as we do. On most days we found ourselves out of our depth, and our comfort zone, with no-one to call on who could relate or empathise with us.

We longed for someone to tell us it was normal, ok even, and that they were going through something similar too. We hankered after someone to help us take some of our misadventures and some of the pickles we’d found ourselves in less seriously. Or to know that other people we’re just trying to do their best work over a plate of scampi and chips and very large glass of sauvignon blanc too. We desperately needed some relatable humans.

Through the Misadventures in Entrepreneuring podcast we found out you exist, you’re everywhere, and you love to have cathartic conversations about things like how “depending on the time of the day it is, you’ll feel like starting your own business is either the greatest or the stupidest thing you’ve ever done”.

We felt like we were in the minority… until now. The funny thing about this pandemic is, that this is now the new reality for us all! We’re all out of our depth and our comfort zones and boy what a leveller it is! Through the power of Zoom and FaceTime fancy offices are now spare bedrooms or dining room tables, suits have been replaced with hoodies, co-workers are rowdy and misbehaved, and other people have things hanging over doors and radiators too. 

It’s like the whole world has removed a giant pole from its backside and we’ve all remembered what it’s like to be a human again – what a flipping relief. 

There will be so many things that this pandemic will be remembered for (including my best friend dressing up as Harry Potter for a work conference), we hope that one of them will be a world the word professional takes on a whole new meaning, where entrepreneurs don’t have to hide their reality from the world and where businesses can learn that staying human will be what keeps them alive.

Article provided by Gayle Mann, Co-Founder at Misadventures In Entrepreneuring.

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