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Harper Macleod Family Law team launch Modern Families Initiative

A panel of expert speakers in the field of family creation gathered before an audience of legal professionals, academics and other professionals to consider the legal implications of the creation of modern families in today's society at the offices of Harper Macleod.

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The event was borne of a desire to raise awareness of the variety of options available to clients, and the myriad and complex legal and child welfare issues around those options.

Historical Evolution of Family Creation

Janys Scott QC gave insight on the historical evolution of family creation including same sex adoption commenting that "as time passed and more and more accepted same sex adoption it became harder for the European Convention of Human Rights to deny that it could be discriminatory".

Marco Gaudoin of GCRM discussed different paths to parenthood and how the modern scientific advances in gene engineering could lead to ethical considerations for legal practitioners in years to come.

The Realities of Family Creation

Psychologist and implications counsellor Marie Prince explained the processes which go into helping new parents adjust to the realities of family creation and explored the advantages and disadvantages of donor anonymity which she reflected will as time progresses rapidly become a thing of the past.

Rebekah Dundas of the Donor Conception Network explained the support which is available to parents from the Network, emphasising the importance of transparency with children.

The event was a great success and a positive launch to the Harper Macleod modern families initiative which aims to create bespoke solutions for prospective parents, providing expert advice and connecting people to the best resources possible.

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If you would like to have a confidential chat about any aspect of family creation do not hesitate to get in touch with Amanda Masson or Lynsey Brown. Amanda is regularly appointed by the Court to prepare reports on the welfare of children in adoption, surrogacy, and donor conception cases. She has been instructed to provide expert evidence to the Court in relation to the surrogacy process. Lynsey has particular interest and experience in adoption and surrogacy cases & both Amanda and Lynsey have written extensively on these topics.

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