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Fees and Threshold changes take effect in Scotland

April heralds fresh increases for Commissary/Confirmation Fees for those dealing with a deceased's estate, as well as Capital Limits Thresholds for care fees.

Applying for Confirmation

Fees for the outlays and expenses of applying for Confirmation have increased with effect from 1st April 2019. An initial writ and dative petition to the Sheriff Court to have a relevant person appointed as executor will now cost £19 while an examination of an inventory will incur no fee where the estate is up to £50,000, £261 where the estate is worth over £50,000 but no more than £250,000 and £522 where the value of the estate exceeds £250,000.

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Further information can be found here.

Capital Limits Thresholds for care fees

From Monday 8 April 2019, new capital limit thresholds were also introduced for the purposes of considering care fee funding. The lower limit is now £17,500 and the upper limit has risen to £28,000. As a result, any capital that takes you above the £28,000 threshold will be used to fund your residential care home/nursing home costs.

Further information can be found here.