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Road Traffic Accident – Losses recovered following collision with articulated lorry

It is important when choosing solicitors that injured people select Personal Injury specialists who have experience of using the correct legal arguments to prove negligence.

Our Personal Injury team are Road Traffic Accident specialists. As a result of our experience we were able to apply the correct law to prove that an accident occurred due to the fault of a lorry driver. As a result of us proving negligence, our client was able to recover all losses arising from the collision with the articulated lorry - our client's losses included injuries he suffered in the accident.  

Road Traffic Accident Lorry Whiplash Compensation Personal Injury Lawyer

How did the accident happen and what injuries did the client suffer?

Our client was driving on the M74 when an articulated lorry drove into the back of his car. Following the accident he suffered a whiplash injury and was taken to hospital. The effect of a whiplash injury should not be underestimated as it was extremely painful and debilitating.

Our specialist Personal Injury team arranged for our client to attend physiotherapy treatment. It is important to instruct Road Traffic solicitors who have experience of how to help clients from a practical and legal perspective. Our client attended the physiotherapist for ten sessions and this treatment helped his recovery. Our team was able to recover the cost of this treatment from the lorry driver's insurance company once we had proved negligence.

Our client was unable to do some household tasks following the accident and part of his losses was the care given to him by his family. We were able to recover this as part of our client's settlement.

Why it is important to have specialist Road Traffic Accident solicitors?

In terms of the law of compensation for Road Traffic Accidents we require to prove that the accident was caused by the fault of another party. We have to prove loss in order for us to be able to recover compensation for those we represent and we do this through the instruction of relevant medical reports to prove Personal Injury.

In our client's case the insurance company who represented the articulated lorry driver argued that our client pulled in front of the lorry and the lorry was unable to stop. They were disputing "liability"- that is, their argument is that their driver was not liable or at fault for the accident.

As specialist Road Traffic solicitors we were able to show that the accident damage to our client's car was caused as a result of a collision which was in keeping with our client's version of events. In terms of the law the lorry required to keep a safe distance from other cars in front, maintain a safe braking distance, to keep a proper lookout and keep his lorry under proper control. 

We were able to prove negligence on the part of the lorry driver and we successfully recovered significant damages for our client as follows:

  • his Personal Injury claim;
  • recovery of physiotherapy costs;
  • services provided to him by his family; and
  • inconvenience.

We can add value to the legal service we give clients

As solicitors who are experienced in road traffic law and other areas of personal injury, it is important that we add as much value to the service we provide to our clients. We were able to organise physiotherapy for our client and this was carried out on a private basis with the treatment costs being recovered by us at the end of the case. This meant the client was not out of pocket for private medical treatment costs.

We are proud of the service we are able to offer to our clients and the value we can add. Our client was happy with the service he received from our specialist Personal Injury team.

He commented: "I was incredibly satisfied and impressed with all the help I received from the firm."

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