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Susan Breen - Clydesider – Hospitality Team for Opening Ceremony and Hampden Park

Susan Breen, a paralegal at Harper Macleod's Inverness office, was lucky enough to be chosen as a Clyde-sider for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. She was even luckier to be given a role within the hospitality team for the Opening Ceremony and Hampden. As she prepares to go on duty at the national stadium, she reflects on a brush with Royalty ...

The Opening Ceremony was an amazing experience of a lifetime!

I had to direct VIP guests to the west executive entrance, waving my hospitality Lollipop as I went (you can see this waving on the One Show - 23 July - at the back of the crowd!)

On my way to my break with a couple of other Clyde-siders we were stopped at the corner outside the Kerrydale Suite by a policeman who asked us to wait. The next moment the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh appeared and got into their car. They had to wait in their car until they were called to go into the arena! Their bodyguards were also there and they were all so friendly and relaxed.

We then went over to the Emirates Arena for our break and had to make our way through the athletes parade as they all waited very patiently to go in to the arena.

I am now looking forward to helping out at Hampden - Bringiton!