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    Sick leave and payment in lieu of accrued holidays

    The Court of Appeal (CoA) has this week released judgment in the case of NHS Leeds v Larner, a decision that was keenly awaited in order to provide some clarity in the contentious area relating to the treatment of accrued holiday during sick leave.

  • Notice Periods for Termination: Potential Pitfalls

    Notice Periods for Termination: Potential Pitfalls

    Landlords are increasingly taking a dim view of tenants who fail to adhere to the various notice provisions within a lease, particularly where a tenant is seeking to terminate a lease either through the use of a break clause or prior to the expiry of the lease. It is therefore vital that tenants are not only aware of the various notice periods within a lease, but also the potential pitfalls of failure to comply with them.

  • Property & Construction News - July

    Property & Construction News - July

    Businesses can apply to the OFT for removal of land use restrictions limiting competition against any of the UK's seven largest grocery retailers. This measure is to help consumers take advantage of increased local competition.

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    Hatchery Hits the Street

    The cream of entrepreneurial talent from Glasgow and the West of Scotland met on Friday 20th July as their achievements were recognised and rewarded.