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Welcome to Harper Macleod's club hub, which contains useful information and guidance for sports clubs in Scotland.  In light of the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we understand that many sports clubs will be facing challenging times and so this hub seeks to address some of the most common questions that sports clubs may have during this time.

Harper Macleod LLP are appointed by sportscotland to provide legal services to Sport Governing Bodies (SGBs) and to support SGBs in the regulation and governance of sport in Scotland.  As part of this service, sportscotland has asked Harper Macleod LLP to provide guidance for clubs.  This is being offered as information only; the briefings and information hosted is provided on behalf of sportscotland and all SGBs supported under the expert resource programme. 

The content of this site and the briefing notes do not constitute specific legal advice to clubs; these are guides and the information should help clubs make their own decisions in due course.  This is information shared on behalf of SGBs, to support the role of the SGBs.  Clubs if, in any doubt as to decisions to take, should take further guidance from their SGB and/or take their own independent legal advice.  We do, of course, hope that this site and the information provided is of assistance.  If there are any areas in which further guidance notes and information may be helpful to clubs, please email your SGB and request the provision of the same through this hub.

Coronavirus Updates

HM home room - being apart together

Harper Macleod has developed the HM home room, which is an online hub set up as to support our people as we all transition to working from home. Our aim is to ensure we all stay in touch and look after ourselves and our families in very uncertain times.  From links to practical tips for working from home and maintaining customer contact, to ideas to keep the kids active and our HM Happy Songs Spotify playlist, we are updating the home room on a regular basis. New additions later today (30 March) include yoga for beginners (specially created for us) and a webinar on dealing with challenges (also created for us from specialists in sports psychology).  We're expecting further content over the next few days on nutrition to boost your immune system and fitness programmes.  We're sharing the home room resource to all our communities to try to provide any support we can.  Visit the HM home room here.

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