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Personal injury claims on holiday & abroad

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Claims arise when people are abroad for any reason whether that be holiday, work or otherwise.

As with all accidents the circumstances of any personal injury abroad are varied. They range from simple car accidents to those injured and killed in major aviation and maritime disasters. Commonly people suffer injury when on holiday and typical claims involve slip and trip accidents in holiday accommodation or restaurants. 

Examples of accidents abroad where we can help you make a claim:

  • Food poisoning claims including Cyclospora
  • Slips, trips and falls due to unsafe premises/spillages
  • Road traffic accidents abroad
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Water slide accidents
  • Airplane accidents
  • Cruise ship/ferry accidents

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Common accident abroad questions

Am I eligible to make an accident abroad claim?

Foreign negligence claims can be complex but it is important to seek legal advice. UK tourists on a traditional package holiday have the benefit of powerful consumer legislation (Package Travel Regulations). This allows the consumer to bring their claim against the holiday company that sold them the holiday even if the fault lies with a supplier based abroad.

It's always necessary to advise people on the small print in the holiday contract. For accidents at sea or in the air claims can be straightforward but the shorter 2 year time limit for bringing a claim applies. If no contract exists between the claimant and the party responsible for the accident a claim can still be made. In that situation a claim will normally be decided in accordance with the law of the country where the accident occurs. Our specialist lawyers at Harper Macleod will advise you fully on these matters.

How much accident abroad compensation could I receive?

This depends on how serious the injury is and in which country the accident happened. You should always seek legal advice before accepting any offers by holiday companies as they often make low offers as a goodwill gesture when the true value of the claim is much higher.


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We try to settle each personal injury claim as quickly as possible but every case is different.

There are many factors which will determine how quickly we can settle your claim such as the severity of the injury and how long it takes to establish liability but in general we aim to resolve most claims in less than 9 months.

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Do not be confused by the phrase "No Win No Fee".  Often that means if you do win you receive less than 100% of your compensation.  We do not charge you a fee and we do not take any of your compensation. You can instruct us with confidence that there are no costs for you.

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We will work hard for you to make sure you receive the maxmium compensation you deserve. The value of your compensation will depend on the injury you sustained as a result of your accident and how long your symptoms last. 

We have a Personal Injury compensation calculator to let you know how much you could be due based on your injury.

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