Land registration for the public sector

Meeting your land targets

Property in Scotland is in the midst of a seismic shift. Land registration was first brought into Scotland in 1979, yet by 2014 only about 24% of Scotland's land mass was registered.

Harper Macleod have a large specialist Land Registration team who can help you comply with the new registration requirement.

In May 2014, the Scottish Government announced its commitment to have all public land registered in the Land Register within 5 years. 

This targets was ambitious, but is combined with a statutory overhaul of property and land registration in Scotland. The Land Registration etc (Scotland) Act 2012, which came fully into force in December 2014, was geared towards speeding up registration. More transactions involving land now trigger compulsory registration than ever before. For example landlords granting leases for more than 20 years (whether for a retail development, windfarm, agricultural estate or any other type of property) now have to register their land as well as the lease. 

Careful and expert advice on this vastly changing area of land registration can save time, frustration and money in the long run. This process will change the face of Scotland and Harper Macleod can provide market leading solutions to help make the most of that.

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Our services

Checking your existing registered title

  • Advice on title conditions, access rights etc
  • Review of registered title and rights

Dealing with errors and potential disputes

  • Competing titles and boundaries
  • Rectification of the Land Register

Registering your property for the first time

  • Automatic plot registration for leases, assignations etc
  • Community registrations
  • Documenting unwritten rights
  • Keeper induced (compulsory) registration
  • Voluntary first registration

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