Historical links between the USA and Scotland are very strong with a huge number of Americans able to trace their ancestral roots to Scotland. 

Business links with the USA continue to be important for the Scottish economy with a recent Scottish Government survey showing that 550 businesses located in Scotland employing over 106,000 Scots and with a turnover of $40 billion are American owned. 

US citizens visit Scotland in huge numbers each year not only to trace their ancestry but also to take in our breathtaking scenery and sample our vibrant cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow- taking in our celebrated food, whisky and golf along the way.

Harper Macleod's work in relation to the US has been extensive. In the context of life sciences, we regularly assist US-based clients with matters such as research data acquisition and transfer and clinical trial arrangements. We also act for a US-based venture capital group in relation to its Scottish investment matters.

Our brands work in the US is particularly extensive, having dealt with infringement matters in many US states, and also the acquisition of US based rights for a multitude of clients in sectors such as energy, renewables, healthcare, food and drink, retail, textiles and software. In the UK and EU we act for some of the best known US brands in relation to IP matters.

Key contact – Gordon Hollerin

In previous roles as Scotland Managing Partner of one of the world’s leading global law firms and before that as Managing Partner of the Lex Mundi member firm for Scotland, Gordon has transacted with lawyers and their clients throughout the USA .

Now as Head of International at Harper Macleod and an active member of the IBA, he continues to deal with American law firms and businesses on a regular basis.

At Harper Macleod we very much value our links with the USA and look forward to assisting you or your clients in any way we can.