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Globally connected

At Harper Macleod, we have a considerable international practice and work both with domestic clients who are doing business across the globe, and with clients based outside Scotland and the UK who require legal representation here.

In the past three years alone we have acted in more than 900 matters involving work in 70 international jurisdictions.

Scottish legal know-how is renowned worldwide and there is increasing demand for our services, with many of our lawyers engaged in international work.

The depth of our experience is supplemented with the strength of our extensive network of foreign counterpart relations, with the result that we can assist clients with their international needs quickly and effectively. Over the years we have developed a network of specialist firms in lead markets around the world, which enables us to make the right connections for our clients while still allowing us oversight of their projects if required.

International desks

While we are able to assist clients in any country, we have a range of particular international desks managed by lawyers within Harper Macleod who have a connection with that jurisdiction. They can facilitate our work with companies wishing to enter the UK market from that country, or any UK and other international clients looking to expands into those countries.

More information on our international desk contacts is available below.

We carry out a full range or work internationally and our teams are able to handle any matters you may have.

Cross-border collaboration

As one of Scotland’s leading independent law firms, we regularly work collaboratively with firms from other jurisdictions. 

Harper Macleod is a full-service firm, ideally positioned to work with law firms outside Scotland requiring assistance in relation to Scots law.

Over the past decade many of the traditional 'big name' Scottish firms have been taken over by international firms, while others have their own presence in London. Harper Macleod, renowned as a Scottish-only firm, has offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Lerwick and Thurso, but none outside the Scottish jurisdiction. 

We have consistently grown our share of the Scottish legal market while working closely with leading UK and International law firms in relation to Scots law matters. As a result, we are the firm of choice for many leading law firms, providing high-quality, high-value support and advice on a wide range of issues including:

  • Handling the Scottish elements of multi-jurisdictional transactions
  • Using Scots law to create innovative and effective solutions
  • Overcoming unique challenges relating to Scots law






International desks

  • Denmark

    Neighbours, of sorts, Denmark has had long links throughout history with Scotland.

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  • France

    Scotland's relationship with France is one of its oldest and strongest international alliances.

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  • Germany

    With the largest economy in Europe, and the fourth largest in the world, Germany is an important partner for Scotland.

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  • Italy

    In the late 1800s, many Italian families left that country to make Scotland their home, and today Glasgow still has one of the largest contingents of Italian descendants of any UK city.

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  • Latvia

    Harper Macleod Partner David Kaye is the Honorary Consul in Glasgow to Latvia.

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  • Netherlands

    Within the EU, the Netherlands is Scotland's largest export market, partly down to the role of Rotterdam port through which many Scottish products enter the continent of Europe. 

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  • Norway

    Norway is one of Scotland's biggest export markets while a significant number of Norwegian companies operate in Scotland, employing thousands of people and providing inward investment.

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  • Spain

    Spain is one of Scotland's top 10 export markets, and while many people first thoughts of the country relate to it being one of our most favoured travel destinations, the two nations have important economic links which are helped by the great travel links.

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