Guidance and practice notes

Providing detailed insight into major projects

As one of Scotland's leading Infrastructure & Projects teams, we have extensive knowledge of the myriad component parts which go towards the successful completion of each and every project. 

As market leaders in advising on projects procured either through the hub initiative or under the Scottish NPD model, we have dealt successfully with just about every conceivable issue that can potentially throw a spanner in the works.

Each of these areas are important, and complex, in their own right. That's why we have pulled together many of the lessons we've learned through years of experience to create a range of Guidance and Practice notes those involved in similar projects.

You can see Executive Summaries of these notes below:

To receive the full notes please get in touch with the relevant contact and we will be happy to send these to you.

If there are any other areas which you would like to see covered, don't hesitate to let us know.