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Harper Macleod Chairman delivers National Council of Rural Advisers' interim report into Brexit implications for rural Scotland

Professor Lorne Crerar, Chairman of leading law firm Harper Macleod, has joined his fellow members of the National Council of Rural Advisers in delivering the body's interim report on the potential implications of Brexit for Rural Scotland.

Lorne Crerar National Council Of Rural Advisers Interim Report

The report outlines potential issues in crucial areas for the sector, including labour, trade, funding, legislation and standards. It also identifies key points to be considered further in terms of what government should seek to achieve for the sector post Brexit.

The report states: "We have not made any judgement on what may actually come to pass over the next few years. This report is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather is intended to be a snapshot of rural Scotland and those aspects of rural that we think are key to informing the Scottish Government in its discussions with the UK Government on Brexit.

It adds: "Some areas highlighted in this report need not await the outcome of Brexit negotiations as they could usefully be explored by this Council alongside the full breadth of rural stakeholders as we work towards establishing future principles and support for rural Scotland."

Professor Crerar was appointed co-chair of the new Council in June this year, along with Alison Milne. The panel, which is made up of 14 people drawn from across the sector, is due to submit a more detailed set of recommendations to Ministers next spring.

You can read the interim report here