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Connecting with law firms on all Scots law matters

As one of Scotland’s leading independent law firms, we regularly work collaboratively with firms from other jurisdictions.

Harper Macleod is a full-service firm, ideally positioned to work with English and Welsh law firms requiring assistance in relation to Scots law.

Many traditional Scottish firms have ceased to exist, joining forces with international firms. Others have continued to maintain a presence in London and elsewhere.

Harper Macleod has offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Lerwick and Thurso, but not beyond the Scottish jurisdiction, meaning we are not in competition for your clients.

At Harper Macleod we have consistently grown our share of the Scottish legal market while working closely with leading English and Welsh law firms in relation to Scots law matters.

As a result, we are the firm of choice for many leading law firms, providing high-quality, high-value support and advice on a wide range of issues including:

  • Handling the Scottish elements of multi-jurisdictional transactions
  • Using Scots law to create innovative and effective solutions
  • Overcoming unique challenges relating to Scots law

We have consistently grown our share of the Scottish legal market while working closely with leading English and Welsh law firms in relation to Scots law matters.

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Why make us your partners of choice for cross-border work?

  • We deliver high quality advice at a fair, transparent cost
  • We are solely focused on the Scottish jurisdiction
  • We have the resources and expertise to handle high volumes of work at little notice
  • We respect your client relationships
  • We are happy to liaise with you or directly with your clients
  • We can provide innovative, practical solutions for your clients

A trusted partner for law firms - HM Connect

Thanks to HM Connect, the leading support and referral network for law firms in Scotland, Harper Macleod deals with hundreds of referrals from other law firms each year.  

With collaboration at its core, HM Connect has more than 290 member firms throughout the country, 25% of all firms in Scotland.

What better recommendation than seeing these Scottish firms, operating in our own market, trust us with their clients.

Scots law resources

Find out more about some of the areas of law specific to the Scottish jurisdiction:

  • Scottish limited partnerships
  • Execution of documents in Scots law
  • The security landscape - lending, taking and enforcing security in Scotland
  • Land ownership in Scotland
  • Civil litigation in Scotland
  • Glossary of Scots law terms

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Naver House
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St Olaf’s Hall
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