IBA Seoul 2019

Seoul 2019 IBA Conference

Anne Macdonald and Gordon Hollerin will be attending IBA Conference 2019 in Seoul from 22 - 27 September. If you are going we would love to know so please get in touch to arrange a meeting. In addition to attending, Anne will also be speaking at one of the workshops. Full details can be found below. 

Social Media - what your mother never told you

Do you want to get the inside track on how small, medium and large law firms are using social media to get more business? If so, come to this session. The session will consider the range of social media platforms available and how they lend themselves to forming part of law firm business development strategy. In particular how they can be used to:

• support the law firm brand as well as that of the individual lawyers;

• build trust, transmit core values, humanise your brand and transmit thought leadership; and

• develop leads and add to the bottom line of the law firm.

The session will adopt a practical approach in considering why the legal industry needs to embrace social media networking and how to build them into your business plan. Panel members will share practical experience and tips on what they have found works on different platforms, including identification of core objectives, target audience, message, profile, leads and data likely to be generated. The session will be coupled with downside risk assessment, controls and operating procedures.