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Latest articles from Paula Skinner

  • Harper Macleod & Entrepreneurial Spark - growing up fast!

    Harper Macleod & Entrepreneurial Spark - growing up fast!

    Just over four years ago Paula Skinner, a Partner in the Corporate department at Harper Macleod, met Jim Duffy … and she didn’t know what was about to happen. Here Paula, head of the firm’s Startup & Investment team, reflects on the journey as Entrepreneurial Spark - now the world’s largest free business accelerator for early stage and growing ventures - celebrates its 4th birthday.

  • World's First Crowdfunding Exit

    World's First Crowdfunding Exit

    The recent announcement from Crowdcube of the world’s first successful crowdfunding exit marks a notable development in the crowdfunding industry. The sale of E-Car Clubs, the UK’s first entirely electric car sharing club, to Europcar has ensured that those 63 investors who helped raise £100,000 worth of investment through crowdfunding in 2013 will receive a “multiple return” on their initial investment. Whilst the first exit of its kind, it is unlikely to be the last. As the industry continues to grow and with many investors investing in various different businesses through crowdfunding, it is only a matter of time before we see more successful exits.

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    The In-Crowd of alternative finance

    Paula Skinner has been an advocate of crowdfunding since the days it was seen as a fad. Now that alternative finance is established as a form of corporate funding, what does the future hold?