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Latest articles from Alexis Harper

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    Collaborative Pre-nups

    Although many people understand the advisability of entering into either a pre-nuptial contract or even a pre-cohabitation contract, one of the factors that mitigates against following this sensible route is that it is difficult to imagine anything less romantic than advising your future loved one that before anything else happens a legal contract needs to be entered into.

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    The lost art of ‘talking’ – how family law collaboration can bridge the gap in separations (1)

    At a recent business dinner, conversation turned to how much we all use email – some people can't live without it and others hate it and the fact that it follows them around 24 hours a day. The view was expressed that younger solicitors in particular tend to resist making a phone call unless they absolutely have to. The general feeling round the table was that that was a loss and we wondered if actually this was a development (although not necessarily for the better) throughout society in general. Banksy, of course, brilliantly made the point in his recent artwork of an embracing couple gazing lovingly into their smart phones.

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    Something old, something new, something borrowed… sign this pre-nup before ‘I do’

    In the course of the last year, my colleague in the Family Team, Alexis Harper, has spent probably as much time in the evenings and weekends on work associated with her role as a bridesmaid as she has in the office dealing with divorces and separations. She takes her role as bridesmaid seriously. As to whether she should give up the day job, you'd have to ask the brides involved.