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Latest Making a Will articles

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    Who should I choose to be my Executor in my Will?

    There have been a number of recent cases where Executors have been removed by the courts due to disputes between those appointed. In order to help avoid matters becoming contentious, this blog highlights some factors to consider when choosing an Executor.

  • Executing your Will - Is my Will Valid?

    Executing your Will - Is my Will Valid?

    As the Covid-19 pandemic is maturing, it is important that you continue to manage your personal legal affairs in the most effective way possible. There are certain formal procedures that you must follow to ensure that your will is legally valid to guarantee that your final wishes are executed exactly as you envision.

  • Can my Will be challenged after I die?

    Can my Will be challenged after I die?

    A Will can really only be challenged in a few select situations, namely where there are concerns surrounding the capacity of the testator or it is thought that someone has been able to exert undue influence on them at the time they put their Will in place.