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Latest Glasgow 2014 blog articles

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    Things are heating up for Sammi Kinghorn

    On the 3rd April I travelled across to Tenerife with Scottish Athletics Director of coaching Rodger Harkins and a mixture of Scottish and English athletes to take part in a hot weather training camp and spent seven days in a lovely 30°C heat.

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    Princess Anne, prizes, lambing and a peek at Rio

    February just flew past and it was a fun and interesting month. Although I'm now coming towards the end of winter training my sessions are currently still long endurance work – putting in the hard work that will help to set me up for the season to come. I will be starting speed work next month which I'm really looking forward to as then I'll be able to see if my winter training has paid off. Plus the racing begins and I can't wait for that!

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    A happy camper – planning the journey to Doha

    Here, Sammi explains how she and her coach Ian Mirfin plan her training schedule for the year ahead, to make sure she has the best possible chance of making, and winning a medal at, the 2015 World Championships.

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    The end of a year of highlights

    At the end of a year of highlights, December promised to be a very nice month with so many things to look forward to. The month started with me being to invited to do a reading for the Christmas Service which was aired on BBC Scotland on Christmas Eve. A bunch of Commonwealth Games athletes took part and it was a real honour and really nice to watch on Christmas Eve.