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Latest Child contact articles

  • How to choose a family law solicitor

    How to choose a family law solicitor

    Regardless of the nature of your family law case or how you identify potential solicitors, there are some common things to consider which can help you to make the decision but also help give you confidence that you have found the right person to help you.

  • Equality in parenting too?

    Equality in parenting too?

    One of the most powerful aspects of advances in assisted conception techniques is that same sex couples now have the ability to create a family. Two women or two men can now have children. Science, and a greater awareness and acceptance of what is possible using donor gametes, and/or surrogacy, has widened the number of family creation options available to couples. Equality reigns – or does it?

  • Child Maintenance after a separation

    Child Maintenance after a separation

    In the event of a separation between parents who have children, talking about the issue of child maintenance can be a contentious topic. A separation is a difficult time for not only the adults, but also their children. It can result in a child's life as they know it, being turned upside down as a result of no longer living with one parent, or potentially having to move home and school