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Latest articles from Gordon Hollerin

  • Gratuitous alienation: a diversion tactic?

    Gratuitous alienation: a diversion tactic?

    A gratuitous alienation is a transfer of property from a debtor to another party for no consideration or an inadequate consideration. A recent Supreme Court ruling found that a series of conveyances of properties some nine months before the sellers went into administration was an attempt to divert assets away from creditors.

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    Directors disqualification-unusual recent cases

    Most directors' disqualification cases concern an application for the disqualification of an individual who has acted inappropriately in his duties as director of a company. However, two unusual recent cases widen the range of disqualification actions usually seen in the UK courts.

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    Validity of administration appointments

    In BXL Services, an English High Court decision of 10 July 2012, Judge Purle has stated that it is now "settled law" that a failure by directors to notify the Company of their intention to appoint administrators does not result in the appointment being invalid