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Latest articles from David Kaye

  • Advantages for selling a franchise and buying a franchise resale

    Advantages for selling a franchise and buying a franchise resale

    Making a profit might not be the only reason for a Franchisee selling their business. The Franchisee might be looking to retire, relocate, pursue other business interests or they might simply have realised that the business they chose is no longer for them. The best exit for such a franchisee is to sell their business as a “Franchise Resale”, but who do they sell it to?

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    Employment Law Update - Zero Hours Contracts

    Zero Hours contracts, while not new, are now firmly under the political and media spotlight. Employers, such as Sports Direct, JD Wetherspoons and McDonalds, are being 'named and shamed' in the press for their use of this practice. These contracts are traditionally used in the retail sector where staff demands often fluctuate.

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    Employment Law Update - Internships & the National Minimum Wage

    In the modern labour market and economic climate, internships have become popular. Individuals can gain valuable experience which can give them the edge with future employers. But what are the pitfalls for businesses tapping into this talent pool? Often interns may be employees or workers, in which case they will benefit from certain rights and protections.