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Latest articles from Andrew Fraser

  • The 5 trends to look out for in Franchising in 2016

    The 5 trends to look out for in Franchising in 2016

    What do the 12 months ahead hold for franchisees, franchisors and the many people who would like to get involved in franchising? As leading advisers on franchising in Scotland and beyond, along with some of our friends in the industry we turned on our crystal balls to identify key trends to look out for in the months ahead.

  • Is my franchise agreement enforceable in Scotland?

    Is my franchise agreement enforceable in Scotland?

    One particular question we were often asked by Franchisors based in England was: “Is my Franchise Agreement enforceable in Scotland?” There is a lot to be considered from a legal point of view however, the solution is actually very simple; there is no need to re-draft your franchise agreement, but you can add a 'Scottish addendum'. Here, Andrew Fraser looks at the need to 'put a kilt on it'.

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    Yesterday, the UK. Tomorrow, the World?

    There are two ways to expand your franchise overseas. The first involves a detailed analysis of potential markets for your products and services; diligent investigation into potential franchise partners; and a well thought through international expansion strategy. The second involves a phone call out the blue from someone in Australia wanting to pay you for a franchise.