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Energy Bulletin - The road to COP26

The UNFCCC's 26th Conference of Parties – COP26 – will take place in Glasgow next November.

With the previous COP in Madrid  one of the most disappointing COPs to date, many key issues fall to be agreed in Glasgow, as parties seek to bridge the gap between ambition and reality. Delayed by Covid-19, COP26 will proceed in an entirely new political context, and is shaping up to be one of the most interesting and critical meetings in the global effort to limit global warming. 


Here we look at some of the importance milestones in the build up to the summit:

Spring 2021: The government has announced that the Net Zero Review report will be published in spring 2021. It will look at the overall costs of reaching net zero by 2050, the impact on the economy and how the transition could be funded

Spring 2021: The government has committed to publishing an industrial decarbonisation strategy in spring 2021, setting out its vision for a prosperous, low carbon UK industrial sector in 2050

Spring 2021: The Welsh government plans to update the targets in its climate legislation in spring 2021. It has requested advice from the CCC regarding how the new 95% target for 2050 affects Wales’ interim targets for 2030 and 2040

30 June 2021: The government has committed to setting the sixth carbon budget (covering 2033-2037) by 30 June 2021, taking into account the independent advice of the Committee on Climate Change, in accordance with the Climate Change Act 2008

July 2021: The CCC’s Adaptation Committee will launch a major new independent assessment of the climate risks and opportunities facing the UK

Late 2021: The next contracts for difference allocation round will open in late 2021, with a target to support up to double the capacity of renewable electricity than in the 2019 allocation round

1-12 November 2021: COP26 takes place in Glasgow


You can find out more about COP26 here

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