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Family creation during a Pandemic in Scotland

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role as a family law specialist is assisting people in the creation or expansion of their family unit, whether that is via adoption, assisted reproduction, or surrogacy.

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Since the pandemic hit back in March it has been difficult for many individuals and families to plan for the future. Common concerns are around access to medical treatment, delays in processing applications to the court and travel restrictions. These issues affect each method of family creation in specific ways.


For those wishing to explore surrogacy as a means of creating or adding to their family travel restrictions can make the timing of applications and the practical implementation of plans more complex an stressful than they may otherwise be.

Despite there being a marked increase in enquiries about adoption the demands upon social workers and the restrictions applicable to the court service has led to that process becoming longer and uncertain.

IVF and donor IVF

Individuals and families wishing to access assisted reproduction techniques including IVF and donor IVF have encountered difficulties in accessing treatment, which adds stress to a process which is already emotionally challenging.

In discussion with GCRM Fertility


In this discussion with Dr Marco Gaudoin, Medical Director of GCRM Fertility, I explore what some of the most striking effects of the pandemic have been from a medical perspective. We also touch upon what can be done to help people manage their process from a wellbeing perspective.

As specialists in the field of family law we know the importance of accessing professional input at every step of the way. We appreciate the value of working collaboratively with all of the people involved in your journey to make the process as seamless as possible.

If you would like to have a confidential discussion about any aspect of family creation, whether it be surrogacy, adoption or the legal aspects of fertility treatment, please contact me on 0141 227 8888, or by email at [email protected]. Dr Gaudoin can be contacted at GCRM fertility on 0141 891 8749.

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