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Halloween: The tricks and the treats

Halloween is almost upon us once again. Are you planning a visit to a pumpkin patch? Have the costumes been chosen? Whether you're joining in virtually or having fun at a social distance, our personal injury department would like to highlight a few things to keep in mind.


Carving with care

It’s a lot of fun for children and adults alike to visit the local farm to choose a few pumpkins that can be carved into spooky lanterns but did you know that more people are injured in agricultural settings than any other industry? Take care when visiting farms. Stick to the paths where possible, wear appropriate footwear, look out for hazards and don't overload yourself with too many pumpkins!

Costume care & road safety

It's hard to say how or if guising will take place as normal this year but there is still bound to be an abundance of Halloween costumes on show from the sparkling fairy princess to zombies. Halloween costumes and candle lit lanterns have in the past been a dangerous combination. Make sure to check the labels on garments and packaging to be certain that they comply with fire safety standards and consider swapping out candles for battery operated lights, especially when children are near.

Last year, our personal injury department highlighted some top road safety tips for keeping your little pumpkins safe whilst out and about for Halloween. You can read those top tips by clicking here.

You can find out more about Road Safety Week here.

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