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Remember, remember to protect your pets on the 5th November

For humans, bonfire night (or Guy Fawkes) is a fun night to get together with friends and family to watch the fireworks. For our pets, however, the flashes of bright lights, smells and loud bangs can be terrifying.

Protect-your-pets- bonfire night - Harper Macleod Home Room.png

Under the current Government restrictions, this year's bonfire night will be different from the usual but better to be prepared. So here are our top tips for keeping our furry friends safe and soothed during bonfire night.

1. Early walkies

Try walking your dog earlier to avoid being outside when the fireworks start and always keep them on the lead.

2. Shut up shop

Close windows, doors, curtains and make sure your cat flap and doggy doors are locked in case they get startled and escape

3. Make a den

Create a cosy hiding place or two your pet will feel safe. They may need a few extra snuggles too.

4. Turn it up

Play some music or turn the TV up a little louder to mask the sound from outside.

5. On the move

If your pet lives outside, consider bringing them indoors (gradually) or partly cover hutches or pens with blankets to muffle the sounds and pop in some extra bedding to hide in.

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